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What can Spot Pal help with?

Spot Pal can help with proper oral rest posture (tongue and lip placement), nasal breathing, sucking/nail biting habits, teeth grinding/clenching, snoring, tongue thrusting, speech sounds, and TMJ.

Is the Spot Pal for children or adults?

Both! The Spot Pal is designed for children and adults. The youngest recommended age is 2 years of age, with the Spot Pal Mini version. Adults of all ages benefit from Spot Pal use.

How long do you wear a Spot Pal tongue training appliance?

The duration of wear for Spot Pal should be individualized to the user. Some benefit from wearing it longer each day than others. Typically users are wearing their Spot Pal up to 2 hours a day, though this duration is often gradual. For example, the user might wear their Spot Pal for 30 minutes a day the first week, then 45 minutes a day the second week, and so on. With your purchase, you will receive a weekly recommended guide on Spot Pal daily wear time.

Why is there a hole in the Spot Pal?

The hole behind the front teeth, or the spot dot, acts as a tactile cue to remind the tongue tip where it is meant to rest (up and off the teeth). This supports the proper development of the hard palate and the teeth, and maximizes retention after orthodontic treatment.

Why the pokes?

The purpose of the “pokes”, are to deter and to remind the tongue not to push against the front teeth. Oftentimes when a person has a tongue thrust or an improper tongue resting posture, the tongue rests too forward and against the teeth. The tongue spikes support keeping the tongue off the teeth, while the Spot Dot aids as a tactile cue to remind the tongue tip where it is meant to rest (up and off the teeth). Ultimately the goal is for the user to never contact the spikes because instead the user will be utilizing the Spot Dot feature for where the tongue tip should be.

Can you sleep with it?

Yes. Not all users sleep with their Spot Pal; however many do, especially when presenting with symptoms related to sleep disordered breathing, such as snoring, restless sleeping, and teeth grinding. It can be beneficial to work your way up to wearing the appliance for 2 hours a day before sleeping with the appliance.

Do the pokes hurt?

The “pokes” do not hurt; however they are just enough to “poke” the tongue and remind the tongue to find the Spot Dot (the small hole behind the upper front teeth).

Does every Spot Pal have pokes?

No. The pokes are completely customizable and can be modified based on the user. The pokes’ intensity, location, and quantity can be modified based on individual customer need, or not included at all. The pokes are meant to be individualized to the user as well as to the desires of the providers.

How do you know which Spot Pal version is the best for the user?

With the website check out process, we try to make the decision with you. Spot Pal has multiple versions to best meet the user’s dentition, or teeth, as well as age. The reason for use, for example teeth grinding, speech production, or habit breaking, will also be taken into consideration. The customer will simply answer a few questions during the checkout process, and the recommended Spot Pal version will be displayed. It’s that easy!

Do you need to be in myofunctional or speech therapy to use a Spot Pal?

No. While Spot Pal is a great addition to a myofunctional or speech therapy program, and many therapists utilize Spot Pal with their patients, you do not have to be in a myofunctional or speech therapy program to be a Spot Pal user.

Are there exercises that can be done without the supervision of a professional?

Yes. Each Spot Pal purchase comes with module videos to take the user through tongue strengthening exercises, as well as recommendations for overall use.

Can Spot Pal be used if the user has braces or a palatal expander?

Unfortunately, no. The Spot Pal cannot be used in conjunction with orthodontic treatments such as braces or palatal expansion; however can be utilized before and after such interventions. It is recommended to consult with your orthodontist regarding Spot Pal use if you are under the care of an orthodontist.

What if the Spot Pal feels tight?

It is common for the Spot Pal to feel tight upon initial use; however it is recommended to place the Spot Pal in hot water for 30 seconds, let it cool for 30 seconds, and then place the Spot Pal back in the mouth. The hot water will soften the material of the Spot Pal and readjust to the teeth.

Can you only receive a Spot Pal through a dentist or medical provider?

No. Spot Pal can be direct to the consumer and our trained specialists will help determine which customized Spot Pal version is best for your individual needs. The Spot Pal team will also be available upon your request to answer any questions and support your use of Spot Pal.

Why are there different Spot Pal versions available?

There are several Spot Pal versions available, which are based on the user’s reason for use, for example teeth grinding, as well as the user’s current bite/teeth.